Thanks for a job well done

Rosemary Kent

There have been a few bumps in the road since ROWL launched in 2012, with the formidable task of managing and recycling the plastic waste here in Lewistown. But, with a little tweaking here and there it became a model for what a successful volunteer run, non-profit recycling program could look like. It is an example of how a recycling program can not only be a convenience to the community it serves, but an attractive, efficient facility at the top of any scale.
This is owed mostly to one man who has engineered the ROWL program from ground up. Roger Sicz has hustled for ROWL: sites, gravel, equipment, sheds, electricity and whatever it took to build a program that is exemplary of what a community with a vision and drive to succeed in its endeavor can do.
Coming to Lewistown from Bozeman for his retirement, Roger thought he was finished with managing waste and recycling operations. Little did he know that Lewistown, finding no plausible way to recycle our plastic waste at the time, was here waiting for his knowledge and skills to help us get started on a solution.
Now Roger, with his wife Lois, is moving to Kalispell to be near his son. We are happy for them, but know the loss it will be to ROWL and our community. Who could possibly take his place at the helm? Yet, as with each bump in the road, ROWL will continue to run with the smooth efficiency with which he has taught our teams to perform.
The key to ROWL’s continued success in providing the program for the community is twofold. First, volunteers are needed to support the teams that are in place. With a commitment of just a few hours a month you can assure that ROWL will continue to be here for you and your neighbors. It takes so little on each of our parts to accomplish so much for the good of us all.
Second, if volunteering is not in the picture for you, a donation to the program will help assure that the clear plastic bags are there for your convenience, the electricity is on to operate the baler and the insurance is paid on time. ROWL, with the recent down turn in the recycling market, operates through donations from the public. How many can say that 100 percent of the money they donate to a cause is used strictly for its intended purpose?
As much as we will miss Roger and Lois, we wish them well and hope they will have fond memories of their time as part of our community. We will strive to keep ROWL running as well as if Roger were still at our side. We thank him for giving us this innovative approach to a problem that plagues every community.
Join us for a farewell to Roger and Lois at a no-host luncheon, Thursday, Oct. 6 at 1 p.m. at Pine Meadows Golf Course. Please RSVP by Oct. 3 at 535-2643.
ROWL, located on the Truck By-pass off Lewis Lane, accepts clean, numbers one and two plastic for recycling.
To volunteer or for further information call 535-2643 or 538-8435, or email:
To donate: P.O. Box 251, Lewistown, MT 59457
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