A. Thomas Gunn, Jr.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

A.Thomas Gunn Jr., born Dec. 31, 1928, of Somers died of heart failure July 25. R.J. McFarland’s stepson, he was raised on the McFarland ranch of Lewistown. Tom

was the only child of Dorothy Evangeline McCoy and Alfred Thomas Gunn Sr.

Gunn became a professional jazz pianist, playing with all the top performers. He served in WWII as a Navy UDT (later called the Seals) on a submarine named the Charr SS-328. Gunn also played football for the Marines and the Chicago Bears. He was a formidable golfer, who set the course record of 64 in Death Valley.

Gunn is survived by his wife Hallowese Gunn, her two sons with two granddaughters, Persis Anne Tomingas and Alicia Hall Tomingas.

No memorial service will be planned per Tom’s wishes



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