TIF Board: offer is still on the table

Charlie Denison

Where exactly is the TIF District? This map lays it out.
Photo courtesy of Holly Phelps

Opportunity is knocking.

The Lewistown Tax Increment Finance District Board is looking for homeowners, building or business owners to take them up on their offer: they’re here to help. All people have to do is want to upgrade.

“It’s important for people inside the TIF District to understand we have money that has to be spent in the TIF and has to be spent for things like façade improvements,” TIF District Board Vice Chair Charlie Pfau said. “The projects are meant to increase the taxable value of the property, public safety and public infrastructure.”

“If you have a bad sidewalk outside your place, let’s say it is going to cost you $15,000,” TIF trustee Mike Chapman added. “We can provide up to 10 percent of the cost of the project.”

Chapman said, as long as the project improves the value of the property, the TIF District most likely could be of assistance.

“Bring us your business plan and show us you have reasonable prospects of repaying the loan,” Chapman said.

The TIF District can’t fund the whole project, but 10 percent can go a long way, Chapman added.

And all people have to do, Chapman said, is apply.

“There are no flaming hoops to jump through,” he said. “We’d just like to be involved.”

Pfau said this is an exciting time for Lewistown, and there are a number of projects taking place within the district he believes the TIF can benefit, but in order to help they must be invited to help.

“We can’t go out and recruit projects,” Pfau said. “It’s not allowed. We’d really like to see people come to us.”

Projects that interest the TIF are projects focused on long-term sustainability, and, fortunately for Lewistown, Pfau said there are a number of these in the making.

“Lewistown has a lot of potential,” Pfau said. “We’re on the cusp right now.”

Those interested in getting the TIF involved with the project are encouraged to apply, which Pfau said is an easy process.

“All the paperwork is in place,” he said. “The forms are ready. You can get them at Snowy Mountain Development Corporation, the city office or on the city’s website (www.cityoflewistown.com).”




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