Time to think about others

Lyle Mackey
Saturday, March 21, 2020
Time to think about others

I'd like to address the 30-something at the store the other day that said he wasn't using the free provided hand sanitizer because he "never gets sick."

It's not all about you.

It's about the woman with the oxygen tube in her nose ringing you up.

It's about the 90-year-old Korean War vet you passed in the bread aisle.

It's about the exhausted nurse in the produce section that picked up the onion you handled two minutes earlier.

It's about the mother with the immuno-compromised newborn in the meat department.

It's about the 50-year-old that got a liver transplant four months ago and is taking anti-rejection drugs that's going to use your shopping cart next.

It's about all of our friends, colleagues, customers and family.

I'm in an age group that is relatively low risk, and I'm in pretty good health. If I get this, I'll probably be fine. I cannot say the same for my father. For many of my clients. For the other people in line at the store. For the next person to use the gas pump where I just filled up.

Great, YOU "never get sick,” but this isn't about you. This is about everyone. This is about the most vulnerable in our society.

Don't be selfish. Don't be a jerk.



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