Tough times require hard decisions

Dear Editor,
The United States is going through tough times. If you listen to the views of some we need to slash everything, both domestic and foreign. I agree that we certainly must scrutinize all expenditures and eliminate unnecessary programs and streamline those that need an overhaul.
Tough times require hard decisions that must be based on our traditional “American Values.” In contrast, in third-world countries and dictatorships, the money goes to a small percentage of people to use for their own extravagant lifestyle rather than to public education, infrastructure, health care for the poor, fair wages for workers, and foreign aid and protection for allied countries based on need and compassion, not ability to pay.
Countries that send their military might to war based solely on how much money countries can pay are called mercenaries at best. As a young man I was drafted and asked to serve and uphold those “American Values,” as my dad and uncles had in WWII. I ask you to keep those values in mind when you go to the polls. We can’t afford to sacrifice these values and become morally bankrupt.
Dean Martin



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