Trekk for Light Montana 2016 is now history

Trekk for Light participants gather for a tasty meal at the Judith River Guard Station.         Photo courtesy of Hans Stokken

Thirteen hikers descended on the Judith River Guard Station cabin in the Lewis and Clark National Forest in the Little Belt mountains, Aug. 13 to 17. It was another very good event for the ones with poor or no sight, as well as the ones with healthy eyes.

This is a program started years ago so our friends who cannot see will be able to get out in nature and enjoy fresh air, as well as “see” and hear what there is. It also makes us all enjoy hiking and staying and feeling well.

This year people ages 14 to 84 years took part. We would like to see more blind, as well as sighted, people come and take part in the adventure, so if you know of anyone who has poor sight, encourage them to come to our next event in August, 2017. There is a website where you can read all of the information (

The cabin at the Judith River Guard Station is used as headquarters. Some of us sleep upstairs, while the first floor is used for cooking and eating, as well as visiting. We are very fortunate to have someone prepare the meals for us. This year again Sandy and Noel Birkland filled that spot. They do an excellent job planning, buying and preparing all the meals, and they see that we all get what we like and the food is nourishing. Until now we have been short of Lutefisk, but I know some day in the near future it will be coming.

Noel is an expert in Dutch oven cooking, and between him and his wife they come up with the best of meals. The activities start with a scrumptious breakfast. Then we get our own lunch and water, each blind hiker gets his or her guide for the hike, and off we go for a wonderful day in nature. Some days the hike will be five miles, some days it will be up to eight miles. During this event three of the hikers covered 16 miles, some of us think they may have been lost, but they came back to camp and all ended well.

This is our summer program. There also is a winter program -- it is most years in February, and it takes place in West Yellowstone. It is three days of cross-country skiing with a personal guide for the blind. 

Again, all information is on the website. You can Google “Ski for Light Montana” or look up, and you will find all about the programs.

We hope to see you there some time in the future.



When do you think the snow will finally be melted in Lewistown?