Trump, the non-politician

Ed Butcher

Trump is not a politician -- he does not fit with the career Democrat and Republican political colleagues with whom I have associated for 50 years, beginning as an active Democrat in a traditional Democrat Party family. I organized college Young Democrats, worked on elections of governors, senators and all presidential campaigns starting with the Kennedy campaign when Pam and I had breakfast with Ted Kennedy. My last Democrat presidential campaign was as area coordinator for George McGovern, who I met on several occasions, but I also was a citizen volunteer outside of the “political establishment.”
However, the longer I was an American history professor, the more I realized the socialists/communists were taking over the Democrat Party who blindly followed the unions and environmentalists financing Democrat politicians. I drifted to the third party of Ross Perot, which was a mistake because America got Bill Clinton -- the philandering head of what I call the corrupt Clinton Crime Family.
Realizing the problem in modern politics was corrupt career politicians in both parties, I led the Montana initiative for term limits in 1992, which became effective in 2000. At that time, I ran for the Montana Senate and spent 10 years in the Montana Legislature as a Republican. I was attracted to the new “small government” wing of the Republican Party, which kept me in opposition to the “establishment.”
Like Trump, I have also been attacked by the socialist Democrats and their “insider” liberal Republicans who want to spend tax dollars on their special interest pet projects. Trump may not be a saint, but he isn’t controlled by lobbyists’ money or corrupt machine politicians who are defrauding the system—he is an “outsider.”
Trump was not my first choice for president, but in my opinion, when compared to the corrupt, socialist Clintons, he becomes an attractive alternative. To Trump’s credit, he is obviously not a cowardly “political correct” politician and cannot be “bought,” plus he is self-confident he can clean up our current corrupt political system. Trump is a proven businessman and negotiator whose success is based on his personal leadership and ability to select the talented people to implement programs. If people want change, they must register and vote.

Ed Butcher is a history professor and Winifred rancher/businessman who served ten years in the Montana legislature representing Central Montana on numerous committees, including chairman of the Senate Highways and Transportation and the House Agriculture committees.



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