Trump a whole lot better

Dear Editor,
Thank God the first round of over six months of conventioning and candidate nomination is over. Seems like a lot of wasted time to me. Should give us all one vote (minus the dead guys and illegal aliens the Democrats have vote) and put the candidate in with the most votes. Period. Send the delegates home, especially super-delegates, and give them one vote like the rest of us.
Did you see where Obama just gave 100,000 prisoners the right to vote? Does that make you feel better, that convicted felons are guiding where our country goes? Not me. The criminal in charge is more than I like.
On the news today I heard Obama smuggled $400 million in Swiss francs and other foreign currency to hide it from Congress and us, to ISIS. As I understand, it was stuck in wooden crates, put in an unmarked cargo plane and flown off in the middle of the night. This was on the very day the prisoners were released. This was ransom money for four American Iranians. This is totally illegal. Treasonous, I would say. How many hundreds of thousands of people do you supposed ISIS can kill or enslave with an extra $400 million? The White House tells us it was just a coincidence. How stupid do they think we are? We are not all Kool-Aid drinking Demos.
Old Hillary ain’t gonna be any better (that would be Westerner slang, for you less educated folks.) I can just visualize her, in my nightmares, as president in the backyard at the White House. She is having a barbecue when a messenger informs her an ISIS jihadist has just set off a mustard gas bomb in the lobby of a big hotel in New York City. She says in a cool voice, “I’ll have to get on that. But first I need to clean up here, and then make Bill a sack lunch. Then I better run a couple loads of laundry. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Oh yeah, we can count on her to save us, just like Ambassador Stephens and the Americans in the Benghazi massacre could count on her.
Anybody would be better than her, and I think Trump would be one whole lot better. As for me, I will not be voting for Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife.
Norm Coleman



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