Tuesday voters go to the polls

News-Argus Staff

On Tuesday, May 2, voters in the Lewistown Elementary School District will go to the polls to elect three members to School District No. 1 Board of Trustees. In addition the voters are being asked to approve an elementary general fund levy election.
The election will be held in the lobby of Fergus High School. The polls will not open until noon on Tuesday and will close at 8 p.m. on May 2. The Lewistown Board of Trustees voted to decrease the hours for the election to save taxpayer money.
“It is usually not very busy during the first few hours,” said Lewistown Public Schools Business Manager/Clerk Rebekah Rhoades. “Cutting the number of hours the polls are open will help us save money for election judges.”
The voted levy will bring in an additional $68,606.20 (approximately 5.54 mills) to the elementary general fund. If passed, the levy will result in an approximate increase in taxes of $7.48 for a home with a market value of $100,000. An approved levy will increase taxes approximately $14.96 for a home with a market value of $200,000.
Four persons are running for the three positions on the Lewistown School Board. They include Kris Birdwell, LaVonne Jurack, Jeff Southworth, and Stephen Vantassel.



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