Twenty-year long rivalry erased

Judy Thompson
News-Argus Staff

High school student artwork is seen on the silos on the south edge of Judith Gap.

At right, an artist’s rendering of the Crazy Mountains painted by high school students at Judith Gap School shows up well on the side of grain silos.  

Photos by Judy Thompson

In the windy little town of Judith Gap there is a grouping of silver metal grain silos of varying heights. They sit on the south end of town, just before you go over the big bridge. In the past, approximately 20 years ago, they were painted on by a rival town which shall remain nameless. The high school students of Judith Gap do service projects for the community for an hour and a half each and every month. Starting in March of this year, agriculture teacher Jeff Holmes proposed the high school students cover up the old graffiti. March was a month of planning, followed by a month of execution.  

The following article was written by one of the students for the Judith Gap school paper, describing the project.


Painting the Silos

By Jayden Diener | Judith Gap School student


     “On Friday April 7th, the high school started their art/community service project painting over the old graffiti on the grain bins, on Volf’s property in town. The high school students broke up into groups to create their own murals representing what they grew up around. Most are representations of our beloved town, Judith Gap. Jacklynn and Jada are doing a large wrap-around wilderness mural. Reilly, Isaac and Tayt are doing a farmer superman. Cierra, Kinsey and I are painting a sunset behind the wind turbines. Remington and Savannah chose to do one that represents something close to their favorite childhood movie, “Beauty and the Beast.” Moses decided to do his own thing (as per usual) and is creating his own original abstract piece. Our murals aren’t quite finished but we hope to complete them soon.”


As of press times the silos haven’t been completed yet. If you travel through town, please stop by, check on the progress and enjoy the students’ hard work.


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