Two orthopedic surgeons join CMMC

Miriam Campan
Friday, July 31, 2020
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Daniel Hebert (left) and Paul Sensiba

Can an accident change the course of a person’s life? Yes. Just ask doctors Paul Sensiba and Daniel Hebert (pronounced A-Bear), two orthopedic surgeons who separately uprooted to live in Montana and practice orthopedic surgery at the Central Montana Medical Center.
“Like a lot of people, I had first hand experience with ACL in soccer and learning medicine,” said Sensiba.
Sensiba, after personally becoming acquainted with ACL  (a.k.a. anterior cruciate ligament; the ligament connects the thighbone to the shinbone; commonly torn as sudden stops or changes in direction create damage), decided to make this injury a life-changing path.
Hebert’s life took a change in direction after a judo-related sports injury.
“I was going to fly jets, but what do you do after that?  Because of my judo injury, I met an orthopedic surgeon who was also a great guy. He set me on the direction that my life has taken for the past 30 years as an orthopedic surgeon,” said Hebert.
Sensiba, who has lived in and was educated in Cleveland, Ohio and in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, seemed to always have Montana on his mind.
“My family loves to be active and loves doing activities outside. We love the outdoors and Montana obviously offered that in spades, and it’s just beautiful. We’ve been out this way for pleasure and activities, and enjoy hiking and biking, and Glacier,” said Sensiba.
Hebert was living in Maine, when his wife accepted a position in Whitefish.
He said, “I love Montana. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and I’ve always wanted to move to Montana, especially for the hunting opportunities. I hunt for elk, whitetail and mule deer with a compound bow, muzzleloader or a rifle.”
Both Sensiba and Hebert recommend exercising regularly to challenge muscles and bones. Should an injury occur, they work closely with appointed physical therapists to ensure an expeditious recovery, both pre and post-surgery.
Both orthopedic surgeons work a rotating 10-day shift and love the idea of bringing their families to Lewistown. For an appointment call 535-1515.