Upcoming events for Winifred students

By Keyara Bahnmiller

 Special to the News-Argus


• Track: Starts March 13. Coaches: Carl Fowler, Paul Pallas

• Play: “You can’t Take It with You” by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart

Cast: 16 females, five males. Dress rehearsal: Thursday, April 20

Performance: April 22

• Music Festival: April 21st for band and choir, April 22nd for solos and duets


Sam Demars, solo saxophone – “Salienne”

Brietta Boyce, solo flute – “Scherzino”

Kalla Schumacher, voice solo – “To the Sky”

Sam/Becca Demars, duet voice – “Sky Beat”

Anna Slivka, voice solo – “Star Vicino”

Braden Urion-Barry, sax solo – “Contest Etude No. 1”

Band songs: “Northern Spirit March,” “Fingal’s Cave”

Choir songs: “Gather by the River to Pray,” “Poor Wayfaring Stranger”

• Prom: April 29. Theme: Sea of Love

• Missoula Children’s Theatre: Play being performed: “Rapunzel”

Practice: May 1-5. Final performance: May 6

• Graduation: May 20; six Seniors

• School Tours of America: School Tours of America is an awesome trip that sends a couple of grades from the school to Williamsburg and Washington, D.C.

This year the school is sending both the eighth and ninth grades. There will be two chaperones, Marietta Boyce and Brenda Speak. Marietta wanted to make sure and give appreciation to Mr. Asbjornson for sponsoring these students to have such an amazing experience.



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