USDA announces beef trade with Brazil resumes

The United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service announced the import of fresh, chilled or frozen beef products from states within Brazil will resume. Following a multi-year process, the USDA FSIS has concluded that select Brazil meat plants have reached necessary U.S. standards to export products. The states will be included under an amended list of regions eligible for export to the U.S.
The United States Cattlemen’s Association has worked for nearly a decade on this issue, and is disappointed in this announcement. The safety of the U.S. domestic herd remains at stake given Brazil’s ongoing FMD problem and continued bad-acts within the international trade community. Unfortunately, given the lack of prescriptive labeling now available in the U.S., consumers will also be impacted by today’s announcement. USCA will continue to monitor and address the revisions made as they are implemented and trade begins.
This topic will be discussed at length by industry experts at the upcoming USCA Annual Meeting and Producer’s Forum, taking place Sept. 9-10, in Billings. More information on the meeting and agenda may be found here:



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