Vandalism continues at Missouri River Fishing Accesss Sites

Vandalism continues at Missouri River fishing access sites, as the inside of a latrine was spray painted less than a week after Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ workers had painted the building.   

The paint vandalism took place between Sept. 6 and Sept. 13 at Lichen Cliff FAS on the Missouri River south of Wolf Creek. Work to clean up the vandalism will cost about $100, FWP officials said.

Earlier in September someone tried to steal money from unattended fee collection boxes at several fishing access sites. Lichen Cliff was also one of four Missouri River FAS that someone tried to drill through. The attempted thefts took place at Wolf Creek Bridge FAS, Craig FAS, Lichen Cliff FAS and Prickly Pear FAS.

Anyone with information on the paint vandalism is urged to call FWP at 1-800-TIPMONT. Anyone with information on the attempted thefts is urged to call the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s office, at (406) 447-8293, or FWP at 1-800-TIPMONT.



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