Vesper Chapter 83

Wow, what a great day it was. The weather was beautiful, a lot of Star members were able to come and everything went okay.

The Worthy Grand Matron, Marlene Pfaff, along with the Worthy Grand Patron, David Nielsen, were introduced, given Grand Honors and welcomed at the special meeting of Vesper Chapter. Following their presentation to the East, the Worthy Matron, accompanied by her daughter, Lynette Ruffatto, sang “The King is Coming” in their honor.

Worthy Matron, Dorothy Brook and Worthy Patron, Jim McCollum, welcomed additional guests: Grand Committee Member on Education, Diane Lockey; Past Grand Matron Elenor Tesch; Past Grand Patrons Artie Perry, Carl Robinson, Denny Perry and own, Joe Simpson, with Grand Honors and a hearty handclap. Twelve Grand Officers were welcomed with a hearty handclap, along with Grand Representatives, Grand Committee members, present Worthy Matrons and Worthy Patrons, leaders of other Fraternal organizations and guests; all were given a hearty handclap and words of thanks for coming this early in the morning. It was, after all, 11 in the morning.

The Worthy Grand Matron gave a talk from a newspaper clipping from the mid 1940s about Stars.

Balloting and the exemplification of the degrees were performed with Kathy Brook, daughter-in-law of the Worthy Matron, serving as the candidate. Following the greeting given from the Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron, the Worthy Matron recited “On Yonder Book”, a poem that was done by the members of Mary Stranahan Chapter in Judith Gap for many years.

The Worthy Grand Matron gave remarks beginning with giving the Chapter a hearty handclap for their performance, then reviewed different deeds and interesting meetings done over the past year.

Upon asking the Worthy Grand Patron for his remarks, the Worthy Matron reviewed interesting information about his grandmother, Edith Nielson, who served as Worthy Matron of Vesper Chapter in 1945. He was a bit surprised at some of the information mentioned and was quite pleased that we shared this information with him. He proceeded to talk about the Star points, especially the strength of the position of Esther.

Gift presentations were given to the honored guests by the Past Matron President, Marion Hertel, and the Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron.

Thanks was expressed to all who came, to those who filled in as officers, and to all who helped make this day so special.

Following the closing, refreshments were served; sandwiches, salads and cookies. Everyone enjoyed fellowship with members not seen for a while.

The Worthy Matron escorted the Worthy Grand Matron, Marlene, to visit several shut-ins before finishing off her day. They enjoyed visiting Lois Hajenga and Helen Elliot who reside in Caslans, and also with Tom Girvan who was in the hospital. The gals enjoyed showing their sewing talents and Brother Tom enjoyed the visiting.

The Worthy Grand Matron then had an appointment to visit with the Job Daughters and the DeMolay boys at the Yogo Inn. She had a full day.


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