Vesper Chapter 86

Vesper Chapter 83 members met at the Masonic Temple in Hobson, the evening of the 21st. Dorothy Brook, Worthy Matron and Jim McCollum, Worthy Patron, presided.

The minutes were read and approved. The matter of the luncheon for the Official Visitation was discussed with the final menu approved and who was bringing what.

One bill was ordered paid and there were no communications.

A practice of the balloting was performed. The by-laws and landmarks were read by the Secretary. The Associate Conductress gave her lecture as required.

Joe Simpson gave a report on the “What the Hay” breakfast. The men did better than in previous years, so were quite pleased. They also thanked the Star members for their assistance at the breakfast. A special thanks also to those who came to eat as well.

The Altar was draped in loving memory of Virginia Hagen, Past Grand Matron. Jose Simpson read her obituary and shared memories of their year as Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron. Several other members also shared treasured times with her.

Installation of the station of Ruth was performed and Penny Linhart was installed for the ensuing year. We welcome her to the fold.

The Worthy Matron had the Secretary present the Conductress and Associate Conductress in the West. They were the officers to be honored for this evening. The Worthy Matron thanked them for their continued service to their positions. Small token gifts were presented along with a hearty handclap of appreciation from the members.

Reports on visits to other Chapters were given; the meeting at Ft. Benton, the Montana/Canada Exchange in Conrad, as well as the memorial service for Virginia Hagen at Anaconda.

The Secretary read the Past Matron’s report from Sister Billeta Mainwaring as she is recovering from her surgery. She probably won’t be able to attend a meeting for several more months as she is having a second surgery the first part of October. Our thoughts are with her for a fast recovery.

The Worthy Matron read several “Do You Know” informational sights one sees as they travel around the state, such as the smokestack (at Hamilton that has a large ‘R’ on top); the dinosaur at Plains; and the smokestack at Anaconda; past history of Montana. There’s more to see than the road.

The flower march was held, followed by the closing of the Chapter. Delicious refreshments were served by Karl and Marion Hertel, along with pleasant fellowship. Thanks, guys.


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