Vote to keep City government


Dear Editor,

Recently, Ed Butcher facilitated a second City Commissioner Candidate Forum, and the only invited candidates were limited to Alexzandra Dunnington, Joe Kern, Dick Krillenberger and Jonathan Moor.

Notably, these four have also apparently joined together in positioning their campaign newspaper ads and yard signs. This has the appearance of running as a block with a like-minded agenda, values and views. Some have been in the recent past vocally opposed to maintaining the City Manager form of government in Lewistown, opting for a Mayoral position instead.

Last year Lewistown residents voted to maintain the City Manager government for the next 10 years.

If all four are elected, they will be the new, apparently like-minded majority on the Commission. So, the question is, will they continue to maintain the current excellent working relationship between the incumbent independent City Commissioners and the City Manager? Block management, friction and dysfunction will not serve our interests and wellbeing. 

Let’s vote to keep our City government and our town focused on a bright and stable future.    

Art Canfield




When do you think the snow will finally be melted in Lewistown?