Vote to keep our town moving forward

Dear Editor,

Whatever the outcome of the City commissioner election, I want to sincerely express my gratitude to Lewistown voters for supporting those candidates who seek to work in a positive manner with our City government. Together, with a forward looking attitude, we can work on those areas which can be improved – such as communication with the public and continued growth in all sectors, from support for downtown renovation and current businesses and organizations, to encouraging new businesses, new jobs and improved housing opportunities for new employees.

On Monday, the Lewistown Job Service reported 2.9 percent unemployment, with 143 jobs currently available in the Lewistown area. These jobs offer wages from minimum wage at $8.15/hour to $30/hour or more, depending on the position. For Lewistown to grow and prosper, we must have employees to fill the jobs offered by our current employers, and we need to encourage further job growth with new business development. Let’s work with the City Commission and City Manager to sustain and support the health of our current business community, and to embrace those improvements that enhance our quality of life and bring new employees – and businesses – to Lewistown.

For Lewistown to have the best possible government, we all need to be active in community affairs. We need to attend the Commission meetings and encourage our City commissioners and City Manager to do their best for us. We need to talk to them, let them know what the community needs – and tell them when they’re doing things right. Together we can get good things done, but the City needs all of us to get involved – and stay involved.

And for the best Lewistown City government, we need City commissioners with a can-do, forward-looking attitude. Keep our town moving toward a bright future; vote for your Ward commission candidate with the most positive attitude, and vote for Clint Loomis for City Commissioner at Large – he’s always working for the best for Lewistown.

Mary Frieze




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