Vote for Republicans at state, federal level

Dear Editor,
The weakness in the Constitution is it requires us to have a federal government, a Senate, Congress and president.
Ironically Democrats and Republicans finally agree on something. Both sides have nominated a candidate for president incompetent to serve.
Our choice seems to be between cancer (Hillary) or cancer with chemo-therapy treatment (Trump.) The cancer will kill you. The chemo might or might not cure you or prolong your life, and for sure will make you sick, leave a bad taste in your mouth, lose your hair; but it’s your only choice if you want a chance to live.
With Hillary we know what we get. Supreme Court justices who will interpret the Second Amendment, (the “right to bear arms”) as only a right of the government to have a militia; higher taxes; high deductible, high cost Obama care; free (yeah, right) college; more welfare, food stamps, fewer good jobs, destroy Montana’s coal industry; admission of hundreds of thousands of non-English speaking refugees on welfare support; open borders; citizenship for illegals and refugees and a president that can be bought by Wall Street or foreign governments.
With the Trump, we don’t know. We hope he has the ability to select and act on the advice of people smarter than he is, which more and more seems like an awful lot of people. He was never my choice, but if there is a Republican house and senate he will probably sign bills brought forward that will repeal and replace Obama care, maybe even a rational plan to deal with the borders and illegal immigration, and importantly an overhaul of the tax code which will enable economic and job growth.
Right now I would bet that Hillary is the next President, which makes it extremely important that you vote for Republicans to state and federal offices. State and federal Republican control is a moat against Hillary control. Think: a sanctuary state for people who own guns; resistance to the establishment of huge refugee ghettos in our state; protection of our coal, natural gas and oil industry, and a reasonable voice in what to do when Obama care collapses.
If Hillary wins, the Montana way of life is headed for extinction. I will hold my nose and vote Trump, but enthusiastically vote Gianforte, Zinke, my friend Dan Bartel and every other Republican. You cannot believe how important this election is to your life.
Gary Fitzpatrick



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