Voting should be encouraged

Dear Editor,

Vote. Don’t protest, vote. President Obama said this all the time. The scariest statistic I saw recently – 70 percent of our population say it is not essential to live in a democracy. Wow.

This should be a mail-in ballot election, but Republicans thought if that were the case, too many people (mostly Democrats, I guess) would vote. Really? How can “too many” people vote in a democracy?

In Oregon, you can only vote by mail. Oregon had, by far, the highest voter turnout (80 percent) in the last general election. I guess if one party is so afraid too many of the other party would vote; and then goes ahead and rigs it to depress the vote, the result should be a clarion call to vote, to show those Republican legislators that no one should ever try to keep you from voting.

If you are 18-30 and have never voted, vote. If you work at McDonald’s or CMMC or a nursing home, vote. If you are a young farmer/rancher, vote. If you work construction, vote. If you work retail, vote. Better yet, get someone to come with you to vote. It is essential to live in a free country, in a democracy where voting should be encouraged, not discouraged.

Torger Oaas




When do you think the snow will finally be melted in Lewistown?