Wally and Jerry Ann Ayers celebrate 60 years of marriage

Jerry Ann and Wally enjoy watching sporting events throughout Central Montana so Wally can take photos of the athletes. 

Photo by Doreen Heintz

Wally and Jerry Ann Ayers of Denton have been celebrating their 60 years of marriage this summer, with many photos taken. On July 4, there was a big picnic at their cabin on Dry Wolf Creek (near Stanford) hosted by their children and families. Many family members were there for over a week, sharing memories and making new friendships. 

On Sept. 8, the couple’s actual anniversary, a supper was held at the Denton Café for all the family who lives nearby. A total of 14 family members attended.

Wally and Jerry Ann were married on Sept. 8, 1956 at the Methodist Church in Lewistown. The couple has lived all their married life farming near Denton, except for the first six months when they were in college in Havre.

Wally and Jerry Ann’s children, all living, include Warren and Monie Ayers of Moore; Myron and Rebecca Ayers of Mount Vernon, Washinon; Kaela Ann and Tomas Gallegos of Keenesburg, Colorado; Dwight and Michelle Ayers of Lewistown and Dennis and Kristi Ayers of Coffee Creek. 

The family also includes 16 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren living in Washington, Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois and Texas, as well as here in Montana.

Wally and Jerry Ann love following their grandchildren’s school events. Wally can be seen on the sidelines or in a gym taking photos of all the area athletes. 



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