Water compact mutually beneficial

Dear Editor,
Water is our state’s most valuable resource. Montana’s farmers and ranchers livelihood depends on access to water for their crops and livestock. I am writing in support of the CSKT Water Compact. Montana Farmers Union is proud to be collaborating with fellow agriculture groups in supporting the compact as it is mutually beneficial for both the tribe and Montana’s agriculture producers.
The compact will save individuals years of litigation; protect current uses; ensure that communities remain cohesive; supply Montana with additional water for development and provide the best negotiated for all parties.”
We consider this compact to be in the best interest of Montana agriculture because it prevents claims with the Montana Water Court. These claims would be very costly and detrimental to tax payers and Montana Ag producers. In the event of a drought, this compact provides stability for Montana’s farmers, ranchers, water users and those without explicit water rights. We applaud Senator Jon Tester for his work on the CSKT. He is committed to fighting for reliable access to water that in turn equals success for family farmers and consumers.
Alan Merrill
President, Montana Farmers Union
Great Falls



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