Water main and pulverizing work begins

Pulverizing operations have started on the Lewistown West Overpass Project. Expect one-lane traffic with pilot cars in the area where the pulverizer is working. Once pulverizing is completed, the driving surfaces of Highway 87, Truck Route and a portion of Airport Road will be gravel. Please exercise caution while driving on gravel and follow the posted speed limits through the work zones. During the process of pulverizing, access to private approaches may be blocked temporarily until crews can re-grade the pulverized material to provide a smooth and useful approach. This work should happen within 5-10 minutes after the pulverizing machine has passed by. Century would like to remind the traveling public to wait at posted locations for a pilot car traveling in you desired direction if entering the work zone from a side street.
Installation of 18”-diameter water main will begin again from Lower Airport Road, through the bottom where Century has been filling. This waterline will cross Highway 87 in front of Subway and continue down Entrance Avenue. While the water main is being installed under the highway, expect flaggers in this area. Traffic will be able to pass by the work zone, but may be restricted to one lane at times. Entrance Avenue will remain open during this work but may be congested at times with construction equipment and crews working.
In the near future, Century will begin setting the pedestrian tunnel sections that will be under the new Airport Road alignment. Once a sufficient amount of sections are set, traffic will be routed over the tunnel sections on Airport Road to help facilitate the remaining phases of work in this area. While tunnel sections are being installed, flaggers will be present on Lower Airport Road to allow for the large concrete sections to be carried across and set into place. Wait times of five minutes can be expected during this work on both Airport Road and Lower Airport Road.
Century’s concrete crews are working to wrap up sections of sidewalk and curb replacement on East Main Street and between 13th Avenue South and 15th Avenue South on West Main Street. New sections will be removed and replaced as previous sections are completed. Please watch for changing traffic control on all areas of the project as work progresses. Century’s current work schedule is 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday and weather dependent.
At this time, Century Companies Inc. would like to remind motorists to always expect the unexpected when driving through work zones. Motorists are advised to watch for work crews, heavy equipment and reduced speed limits. Posted limits are enforced until signs indicate the work zone has ended. Fines will double in work zones.
Road construction plays a crucial role in maintaining safe roadways and travel throughout Montana. Century Companies Inc. asks that motorists practice patience when approaching construction zones. Travelers should expect delays and are encouraged to adjust their travel times accordingly. Century Companies Inc. is dedicated to expediting this project and apologizes for any inconvenience it may cause.
For questions or concerns, please contact Century Companies Inc. at 535-1200.



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