We be jammin’: it’s time for the Chokecherry Jam


Events happen when people coordinate and make all of the aspects of the event work. It is also pretty astounding to think about all of the “behind the scenes” people. For the Chokecherry Jam, it includes food vendors, business owners at the site of the event, sponsors, and items to bring in, like trash receptacles, porta potties and barricades.

That is what Larry and Shari Hagenbuch are to this event. They are two of the important “behind the scenes” people. Since its first year, Larry Hagenbuch of Gateway Simmental is the man who takes the time out of his day to get the hay and semi truck delivered for this annual street jam. Larry then makes sure to attend the event, adjust the truck if needed, and stays to the end to get it removed.

Larry’s wife, Shari, is always on hand to help and keep track of the kids. She makes sure they get to attend the event and help as well. The couple does this with cheerful smiles and willingness to get things done.

Larry and Shari’s kids are especially affected by the Jam. Their sons, Laredo and Lariat, attend the Boys and Girls Club, are members of the Creative Critters 4-H Club and are participants of the Youth Empowerment Project. All three organizations are benefactors of this Chokecherry Jam event.

The Chokecherry Jam affects a lot of youth in our community. You may want to attend the event not only because it’s a wonderful night to spend with your friends and families, but because this event also affects the financial happenings of many youth: between the three organizations, this event affects 300-plus kids.

Get more information about the event at chokecherryjammt.com.


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