We, the jury... Hobson students spend a day at court

Gayle Doney asks Hobson students to raise their hands for swearing in the members of the jury.

Photo courtesy of Hobson School

The seventh and eighth grade students from Hobson School met at the courthouse in late January to participate in “We the Jury.”

Judge Jon Oldenburg spoke to the students prior to the Voir Dire process with attorneys Adam Larson and Brianna LaCount. He welcomed the students and was excited to share his courtroom as an extension of their classroom.

The case they heard was a civil case that involved two people blaming the other for a car accident. One person was on their phone and driving while the other had a preexisting condition prior to the accident. After deliberation, the students found the defendant not guilty.

It was a great experience for the students to see what the jury process consists of and that it is their civic duty to participate and try to be an impartial jury member.



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