We the People Can Make America Great


If you look at national and international affairs and have concerns about security, economic and other issues, the only way to effect worldwide change, is to change yourself first. How can that be? How can changing me change the world?
Nothing changes without changing ourselves first. If we believe that our elected politicians are crooks and immoral, then our first line of lasting change is to change ourselves to be the leader we would want others to be.
If enough of us change ourselves first to embody those leadership qualities that we want in our leaders, we will start choosing leaders who have morals and who have not used their power to game the system for personal advantage. If enough of us choose not to engage in tearing down others based on religion, ethnicity, social status, political party, imputed lack of brain power, and any other negative wedges we can throw at each other to supposedly gain personal or political power, we can change the environment so those who resort to those negative tactics have no audience to play to.
“We the People” have the power to change things, if we change ourselves first. Think about the change that Gandhi brought with his life. He changed himself first and foremost and that changed helped spark greater change in his country and the world.
“We the People” have the power to not engage or accept negative campaigning, personal attacks, and misuse of power and money to attain personal gain.
If we do not like what happens at our local government, our state capitols or in Washington, D.C., our first place to effect change is within ourselves. It is guaranteed that disciplining ourselves so that we embody those qualities that we seek in others, is not as immediately gratifying as joining in the current people bashing that happens in all levels of our current political atmosphere. However, changing ourselves to embody those qualities that we desire from our leaders and then working with others who also desire to bring about positive change creates a community for positive change.
It has been said: if you keep doing the things you have always done, you will keep getting the same results you have always gotten. Some think they are Republicans, Tea Partiers, Democrats, Libertarians, LGBT, NRA members, or some other narrowly defined label supported by millions of dollars from outside of our communities. The reality is that we are all Americans. If we do not stop the negative processes tearing down America, by changing ourselves, working with others to bridge social and other divides starting at the level closest to us and working in concentric rings to effect greater and greater change, then we deserve the leadership that we elect and seem to hate at the same time.
Political leadership is not supposed to be like a sports game where one team wins and the other team loses. When this happens “We the People” lose. Yet, most of us have engaged in this type of thinking and activities, which creates greater and greater division within the social fabric of America. Neither political party can save America from the social decay from within. Only “We the People” can save America.
It is overwhelming to think about all of the issues such as terrorism, mass killings, international/national economic woes, social hatred and intolerance across many lines. However, the first thing we each need to do today to build a better world, is to build a better person in ourselves.
We can refuse to participate in any discussion, actions or even thoughts that engender hate or anything less than kindness, respect and love for others, regardless of whether somebody goes to our church, are a part of political or social views, or seem to be the same color as we are. Today, tomorrow and the next day, each one of us can start taking back American for the “We the People” by becoming the change inside ourselves first.
Let us take back American by creating change in ourselves, in our local communities, and spread this change throughout the world to prove that Freedom and the ideals America was built on will work because “We the People” change ourselves first and demand that our leaders, regardless of their political party, reflect those value and qualities that truly make American great.

Hertha L. Lund was raised on several ranches in Montana, worked as a journalist in Washington D.C., owns her own law practice, and lives with her husband on their ranch near Lennep, Mont.



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