Welcome home, Carson Sweeney

Fergus Electric Cooperative’s new general manager glad to be back
Miriam Campan
Friday, July 24, 2020
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The baton was passed from recent retiree Scott Sweeney (pictured left) to the new Fergus Electric Cooperative General Manager Carson Sweeney.
Photo courtesy of Fergus Electric Cooperative in Lewistown

Carson Sweeney has traveled the west, acquired an education and a wife and is now thrilled to be back home as the Fergus Electric Cooperative’s general manager.
“I don’t want to move anymore. My wife and I are very happy to live in Lewistown and this is where we plan to stay,” said Sweeney.
“I graduated from Fergus High School, then traveled to South Dakota and received a BS in mechanical engineering. I needed to experience life out-of-state and be challenged,” said Sweeney.
He added, “It was a great school and a beautiful area. I was fortunate to have friends who were significantly smarter and the college experience provided me exceptional opportunities to assist with my studies.”
During his western travels, Sweeney reconnected with another Lewistown native, Jamie Colver, while working in Colorado.

“My wife is also from Lewistown and graduated from Fergus High School. I knew who she was and we started dating while I was working as an engineer in Denver and she was going to school at Colorado State,” said Sweeney.
After Colorado the Sweeneys returned to Montana, but not Lewistown, just yet. Returning home to Lewistown, after working nine years for North Western Energy in Butte, was vital for the couple, who now have two children.
“My wife is a registered nurse and now works on the Acute Care Unit at CMMC. We have two little squirts; a 3-year-old named Finn and a 1-year-old named Allie,” said Carson.
Finn and Allie add to an already extensive Lewistown family tree, that includes the Colvers (ranchers in the Brooks area just south of Hilger since 1881) and Sweeney’s extended family of parents (his father was a lineman with NWE for 41 years), grandparent’s aunts and uncles and siblings.
Although the only real connection between Carson Sweeney and his predecessor Scott Sweeney is  energy-related camaraderie, the transition for Carson as the new Fergus Electric Cooperative general manager was a long awaited reality that took a number of traveling sidesteps along the way.
“We were wondering when Scott Sweeney was going to retire and thought ‘this may work out for us,’ and we were very fortunate in this time of our lives to return home,” said Sweeney.
Sweeney added, “Scott was so good to me. He took me under his wing and he allowed for the last three weeks before his retirement for us to work together. He also used his vacation time to respond to my emails or calls and help me navigate my new position.”
Sweeney is up to the challenge of providing energy to Fergus County residents while keeping costs reasonable for the Cooperative’s members.
“Certainly top of the list would be keeping our energy rates where they are and working diligently to plan for the future so we don’t have to raise rates for our members. Fergus Electric has not had an increase in their electric rates since 2011. And because of the Coop we have an infrastructure with lineman spread out in very rural areas. It’s an expensive endeavor and we want to maintain rates where they are at,” said Sweeney.
With a new position and surrounded by family and childhood memories, Sweeney is eagerly awaiting opportunities to assist on the family ranch and elk hunting.



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