What trinity do you turn to?

Dear Editor,
Things are getting crazy.
In my opinion, our policemen are being villainized and brutalized without limit, because of false news reporting. They are accused of killing people without guns. So far in 2016, 122 unarmed people have been killed by police, and 661 armed people have been killed by police, according to www.theguardian.com.
I’ve read the speechwriter for John F. and Robert Kennedy, Adam Walinsky, a lifelong Democrat is jumping ship and voting for the Republican Candidate; he has a long list of reasons.
I believe our president wants our Constitution to be subservient to that of the United Nations; that when we become subservient to the United Nations, all violence and hatred will disappear. I get the impression he thinks we will be in step with the rest of the world and everything will be wonderful.
Prayer and belief in God have been tossed out the window in our country. History has shown people who have humbled themselves and turned to God have been helped. When we individually are our own god, it is hard to turn to the God of Heaven and Earth in prayer. George Washington, our first president, was very much a man of prayer and belief in God, they say. He must be turning over in his grave to see how we have turned away from God and truth in our day and age, and try to be our own god.
In this day and age what trinity do you turn to? The one in Heaven? The Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Or the trinity of me, myself and I?
What trinity do our national leaders turn to and follow? Many of those who hold top offices in our land herald and are guided by Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” Did you know that Saul Alinsky dedicated his book, “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer, the first dissident or leader of rebellion? Hmmm!
I am a sinner and know I know I am a sinner and I am trying to know, love, and serve my God so that I might enjoy eternity with him in Heaven.
Seek the Lord while he still may be found and come back to Him -- He loves you more than you can ever imagine and is waiting for you.
Let’s all turn to God in prayer. Seek the truth while it may be found.

Pat Irish



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