Where does the money come from?

Dear Editor,
Liberals seem to believe they can milk a cow after they’ve slaughtered it.
They promise: free college, $15 minimum wage, full employment, long term unemployment benefits, family leave, food stamps, free cell phones, free Wi-Fi, Subsidized: medical care, public transportation, housing, elimination of fossil fuels and (the industries connected to them), free pre-school, etc.
They want to bring tens of thousands of people from different cultures; most without skills needed here, no common language or even an appreciation for our way of life to our country. They provide public benefits to these people that far exceed Social Security or even the generous welfare given to our own citizens. Who pays for that?
I say our country, because the liberal view seems to be legal citizens who do the work, make the stuff, live by the rules, risk their lives to protect us, have conventional moral outlooks, need to step back because the people who don’t do those things have a higher status which requires the first to take care of the latter. I don’t believe that is what made this country great.
That wealth and status could be achieved by merit, hard work and accomplishment verses birth made this country great. Liberals want to change that and make birth the only achievement a person needs to be “middle class” and if you don’t work, make stuff, live by the rules, risk your life or have a skill then you are “special,” your needs come first and the government must make you equal.
Liberals promise to pay for all of this by taxing the 1 percent and corporations “their fair share.” They want to raise capital gains taxes. They will achieve their environmental and global warming goals through regulation and taxes on the carbon offenders.
My question is, if you attack business with expensive regulations, high taxes and require them to double wages and buy expensive health care insurance for employees, where does the money come from to pay for all of the above? If you make it unreasonable to take the risk to invest in business and tax any returns at high rates, why do you think people will continue to invest in business, at least in this country?
Liberals often portray conservatives as intellectually deficient. So, admitting this, I would ask a more intellectually competent, enlightened liberal to explain how the above can actually work.
Gary Fitzpatrick



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