Where has all the pollution gone?

Dear Editor, I have a couple of questions to ask. How did all the ice that totally covered the earth a few million years ago melt? There were no smoke stacks burning coal or fossil fuel. There weren’t even any of those awful SUVs. Where did all that pollution from all those smoke stacks during our time of great production in this United States go? Where did all the pollution from all the volcano eruptions that have happened over the last thousands or millions of years go? Where has all the pollution from forest fires over the last thousands of years go? Where did all the pollution from the great dust storms of the 30s go? Now you regressive, socialist Democrats will say I want to pollute our air, rivers, streams and poison our children; that is always the first thing out of your mouths; I am thinking of my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Obama and all the global warming – I’ll be nice – people that wasted a lot of time and fuel at their big meeting in Paris might have about 0.003 percent effect on global warming. It’s all about the same thing: control. Take away our ability to produce heat, electricity and even our ability to produce food. Every time there is a shooting they want more gun laws. If they tried to use some of the many gun laws they have now, it would stop much of it, but no, the goal is to eliminate guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens; control. If you build a pond on your 5-acre tract of land, the Government will want to control it. This water compact deal – if anyone understands it – they want to turn control over to the Indians. Okay, the Indians are controlled by the Department of Indian Affairs, and who controls that? The Government; now more control. There was an article in the NRA “Freedom” magazine a while back about a school shooting. The story was in over 1,000 news articles, but only six or seven of the articles told the whole story. The carnage was stopped by a teacher or principal who went out to his car, got his gun and shot the shooter, and it ended with one or two students killed and the shooter. Why can’t we hear the truth? Anti-control. Ted F. Murray Lewistown



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