Who do you call to get rid of waste?

Dear Editor,
It seems as though our governor is acting much like those from Washington, D.C. I understand that all of his emails from his time as attorney general have conveniently disappeared. Sounds like Hillary. I also understand that he has been spending way too much time in the company of one of his female department heads. Sounds like Bill. Now he is helping bring un-vetted refugees into Montana. Sounds like Obama.
I think it’s time we put a non-politician in charge in Helena. Greg Gianforte is a successful businessman who knows what it takes to create jobs in Montana. The current governor seems to only know about expanding big government and spending more. I am for Greg Gianforte and Leslie Robinson, an agricultural girl, for governor and lieutenant governor.
I heard a real complicated problem, our crazy high-debt ceiling, explained very simply. Our fearless leaders in Washington, D.C. don’t seem to understand our debt ceiling, so let me help shed some light. Let’s say you come home one afternoon and find that the sewer in your house has been backing up. Your house is plum full, clear to the rafters. Do you:
A) Quick call a contractor to come out and raise the ceiling; or
B) Get pumps going to pump out all the waste?
I am in favor of option B, getting rid of the sewage. That is what we need to do in our government houses. We better start at the top in Washington with those causing the effluent backup. That would be the current president and Hillary, who would follow in his footsteps. Montana state government seems to be the same, so the governor needs to go.
Come November, we make the choice, A or B. Wishing you smart voting.
Norm Coleman



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