Why I support the Keystone Pipeline

Dear Editor,

My name is Todd Devlin. I am a Prairie County Commissioner and the Montana Association of Counties president. This letter is in reply to Laurie Lohrer’s letter to the editor opposing the Keystone XL pipeline. The Montana Association of Counties is in full support of the Keystone XL Pipeline with written policy stating just that.

The pipeline in question is a great thing for Montana. Let us start with education by seeing millions of dollars paid into school equalization every year that can be used by all schools in Montana if it is constructed. Tax bases will increase three- and four-fold for some counties with just this one project.

Let us also remember that the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement I am referring to was done by the Obama administration that denied the first permit. The United States Department of State was the lead agency. Here is what they said:

1) Quote from Executive Summary of FSEIS: “The total annual Greenhouse Gas emissions (direct and indirect) attributed to the No Action scenarios range from 28 to 42 percent greater than for the proposed Project.”

2) Another Quote from Executive Summary of FSEIS: “There is also a greater potential for injuries and fatalities associated with rail transport relative to pipelines. Adding 830,000 bpd to the yearly transport mode volume would result in an estimated 49 additional injuries and six additional fatalities for the No Action rail scenarios compared to one additional injury and no fatalities for the proposed Project on an annual basis.”

3) Furthermore, the EIS states on Table ES-7 that, potentially, over nine times the amount of crude oil would be released into the environment with rail/tanker as compared to the Keystone XL.

So, with a minimum estimated service of 50 years (according to the FSEIS from the Obama Administration’s Department of State that finally denied the permit) stated, if Keystone XL was built, it would be less of a risk in just about every category:

1. 28 to 42 percent less greenhouse gases

2. 2,400 fewer injuries or more

3. 300 less fatalities

4. 205,000 fewer barrels (8,600,000 gallons) of oil spilled into our environment.

If we care about the environment and our constituents, it is obvious that we support construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Todd Devlin

Terry, Montana



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