Winifred fire district ballots challenged

It has come to Fergus County’s attention that ballots were inadvertently mailed to ineligible voters in the Winifred Rural Fire District mill levy election.

The Winifred Rural Fire District held an election by mail ballot asking voters to approve 25 mills to fund its operations. Ballots were inadvertently mailed to some individuals who do not live within the Fire District and, as such, were ineligible to vote in the election.

The County could have voided the election and held it again at a later date. However, officials determined that it would be more cost-effective to challenge ballots returned by ineligible voters.

Individuals whose ballots are challenged will receive a letter in the mail explaining the situation. If an individual whose ballot is challengedbelieves he or she is eligible to vote in the election, he or she may meet with County officials.



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