Winifred man wins big playing MT Slots

Charlie Denison

Garrett Carr from Winifred holds the giant check showing his lottery winnings.
Photo courtesy of Montana Lottery

It was just another Sunday for Garrett Carr as he hung out at the Winifred Tavern with his girlfriend, Tiffany, and thought he’d try his luck with the lottery.

“It was right before lunch,” he said. “The jackpot was high, so I thought I’d see if I could get lucky.”

And lucky he was, as he hit the big one, taking home the jackpot of $14,255 (or $9,700 after taxes.)

Although happy for the win, Carr said he kept his composure after he matched all three symbols for the jackpot.

“My reaction was minimal,” he said. “I didn’t really run around or anything. I just said to my girlfriend, ‘I just won’ and she said, ‘what, like $50?’ and I said ‘no, like all of it’”

Unfortunately, $9,700 doesn’t last long, as Carr told the News-Argus he’s already spent most of it paying off home renovation bills.

“We just poured a bunch of concrete,” he said, “and we did other home renovations, too, like siding.”

Other than home renovations, Carr said he used the money to buy a new couch.

“The money isn’t enough to retire or take the summer off, but it was enough to relieve some stress,” he said. “It was a good time for it to happen, too. I just wish it had been a couple million instead.”



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