Winifred senior pursuing acting, comedy

Charlie Denison

Raymond Levick is enjoying his senior year in Winifred. He also is looking forward to going to University of Montana next fall, where he plans to study computer science and theater.
Photo courtesy of Raymond Levick

Winifred senior Raymond Levick is always looking on the bright side, making people laugh – or trying to – every chance he gets.

It’s this drive that inspires him to act, something he’s been doing since middle school.

“I would get involved with the Missoula’s Children’s Theatre every time they came to town,” Raymond said. “Then I started doing the school play at Winifred. I’ve done three productions: last year I was the Sheriff of Nottingham in ‘Robin Hood’ and this year I played Grandpa Martin Vanderhof in ‘You Can’t Take It With You.’”

The production of “You Can’t Take It With You” took place last weekend, and Raymond said he’s very happy with how it turned out.

“It went well,” he said. “We all remembered our lines, and the crowd certainly appeared to like it.”

Although the most trying role he had was the Woodsman in eighth grade, Raymond said Grandpa Vanderhof was nearly as difficult, especially since he had to play someone significantly older.

“I had to slow down how I talked and really emphasize certain words,” Raymond said. “I had to slow down how I moved, too, whether walking or playing darts.”

Being Grandpa was a major adjustment, but Raymond embraced the role, committing to the character.

“I had a lot of late nights memorizing lines, but I liked it. It’s cool to get inside the character and know how he thinks and feels,” Raymond said. ”That’s why I love acting. It’s a great experience for me, and I want to keep doing it.”

Raymond said he’s just getting started with acting, as he plans on minoring in theater when he starts at the University of Montana in the fall. For his major, Raymond plans to study computer science.

As far as a career is concerned, Raymond said he hopes to work in film or TV one way or another.

“I’d like to see my name in the credits, either as an actor or helping on the tech side,” he said.

Raymond could also see a future in videography, a skill he plans to develop throughout college and afterward.

“I like doing short little videos that are funny,” he said. “I have a Youtube channel.”

Excited for the future, Raymond said he will stop at nothing to succeed, no matter what obstacles come his way, and he hopes some day to be a example for others of someone who never gave up to achieve his goals.

“I want to be an example of how, if you strive for your own goals, anything can be achieved,” he said.

But, most of all, Raymond just wants to make people laugh.

“I want people to smile,” he said. “If someone is going through a hard time and I can make them laugh, that’s something special. That’s spreading happiness, and it makes me happy, too. Comedy has gotten me through some real hard times, and I know it’s done the same for others.”

Raymond cracks jokes whenever he gets the chance, whether after a football game, at home, in school or out and about. It doesn’t matter where he is, he’ll be providing comic relief.

The jokes might not always go over, but he tries them anyway.

“Sometimes my parents don’t like my comedy,” he admitted. “They think I can going overboard. Sometimes my mom just shakes her head at me.”

But that doesn’t stop him from giving it a try, being silly and having fun. Wherever he goes, he likes to try and keep the mood upbeat.

He’ll be doing that this summer, too, picking up any odd jobs around town, fulfilling the needs as they come along, giving back to the place he’s loved since moving here in fifth grade.

“We are all family here, even if we have different bloodlines,” Raymond said. “I might not have been born here, but everyone has accepted me. I’ve enjoyed growing up here.”




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