Winifred sophomore girls compete at Big Sky State games

The three Winifred sophomore girls who played on the combined Winifred-Saco-Whitewater-Dodson basketball team during the Big Sky State games were (from right) Cassie Smith, Olivia Geer and Dyauni Boyce.
Photo courtesy of Lynn Smith

Three Winifred sophomore girl basketball players had a busy summer, playing in summer tournaments and playing at the Big Sky State games.
The three girls, Dyauni Boyce, Olivia Geer and Cassie Smith joined forces with players from Saco, Whitewater and Dodson to compete at the Big Sky State games on July 14 and 15 in Billings. The combined team finished second in their age division. They beat Hardin 46-26 and Shepherd 47-5 to advance to the championship game of the Big Sky State games. In the championship contest, the Winifred-Saco-Whitewater-Dodson team fell to Scobey, 29-37.
On July 17-21, the three Winifred girls attended the NBC Girls’ Basketball camp, also held in Billings. At the end of the game, the three girls were all selected for the All-Star Team. Seven of the 28 girls selected to the All-Star Team at this camp were from Montana, including the three Winifred girls.



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