Winifred students shine at BPA convention

Charlie Denison

Winifred senior Lorianne Stulc placed first in advanced word processing and integrated office applications at the Business Professionals of America state tournament earlier this month, giving her an opportunity to compete at Nationals in Orlando, Florida in May.
Photo courtesy of Lorianne Stulc

Winifred senior Lorianne Stulc and some of her classmates had an impressive showing at the Business Professionals of America State Competition in Billings earlier this month.

Lorianne took first place in advanced word processing and integrated office applications, qualifying her for Nationals in Orlando, Florida.

Winifred’s BPA President, Lorianne said she is very excited for the opportunity to compete. The beach will be nice, too, as will Disney World, but what matters most to her is the chance to challenge the best in the country. As a matter of fact, it’s been her goal for a while.

“At the end of last year I decided I was going to go to Nationals,” Lorianne said. “I knew if I could place at state, I could make it happen. I didn’t expect to place in all five of my events. That was pretty awesome.”

This just goes to show how important it is to have a goal and to stay motivated. It proves good things can happen when discipline is involved.

“If you put the time into something, it pays off in the end,” Lorianne said.

The same goes for the other Winifred competitors, as well. BPA historian Anna Slivka also qualified for nationals, placing third in presentation management at state. Braden Urion qualified for Nationals, too, but is not attending due to conflicts with district track.

“Eight students could have potentially attended and competed at nationals,” Winifred BPA advisor Cheryl Udelhoven said

Udelhoven couldn’t be happier about her team’s success.

“They did very well,” she said. “I’m also proud of their community service efforts through the year. Students worked hard making items for a raffle and selling raffle tickets. They raised more than $1,000 for the Winifred swimming pool.”

The money raised goes toward paying a lifeguard’s summer salary. Udelhoven added.

Lorianne appreciates Udelhoven’s support, but, most of all, she appreciates her advisor’s leadership and willingness to work with the students.

“Cheryl really stresses the importance of BPA and does everything she can to help us,” Lorianne said. “She makes us better by pushing us and helping us keep our focus.”

Lorianne said she also appreciates the support from the school board and administration, as they moved the date of graduation in order for Lorianne and others to go and compete.

“I was pretty nervous at first,” Lorianne said. “I thought maybe we wouldn’t be able to go, so I’m pretty thankful.”

Lorriane has a lot to be thankful for, as another big goal of hers has also been achieved. This fall, she’ll be headed to Rocky Mountain College to play basketball and pursue a degree in biology.

“I’ve always wanted to go to Rocky,” she said. “My mom played there, and so did my brother. It’s a good fit for me, too. They have a good physician assistant program. Eventually I’d like to be a doctor.”




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