Winifred supports pesticide container recycling

The Winifred community, partnering with the Montana Department of Agriculture, has created a pesticide container recycling program to keep containers out of burn pits on farms.
Photo courtesy of Candi Zion

Recently, Winifred area residents teamed up with the Montana Department of Agriculture to recycle plastic pesticide containers. 

Candi Zion, resident and chairman of the statewide non-profit Recycle Montana, said, “Conversations with farmers, local spray operators and chemical businesses identified a need for pesticide container recycling. The Ag Department had a program already in effect, making it really simple for us to set up.”

Zion and spray operator Cody Isom presented a plan to the Winifred City Council to establish a collection area. A site north and east of Winifred was selected, and the local CHS donated metal posts and cattle wire panels for construction. Winifred Mayor Travis Willson, his wife Becky and their grandson Colton volunteered their time to build the pesticide container corral. 

The Winifred Corral will be included in the Montana Department of Agriculture statewide schedule for pick-up and shredding, which is conducted on site. Numbers 1 and 2 plastic pesticide containers, as identified by the numbers in recycling triangles on the bottom, are acceptable. 

The containers must be triple rinsed with booklets, lids and lid liners off. The 2.5 gallon and smaller containers can be recycled whole, and large drums must be cut into eight pieces to fit the shredder. 

Pesticide containers include commercial pesticide (herbicide), household and yard use, and livestock parasite sprays.

The program is intended to keep plastic from being burned in farm burn pits, and instead, put it back into the stream of reuse. Pesticide containers are used for non-consumer use, such as roadway speed bumps, landscape edging and drain pipes.  

For more information, or to establish a pesticide recycling container corral in your area, contact Carli Lofing at 465-0531 or



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