Winifred teams welcome new cheerleaders

Winifred Public Schools cheerleaders pose for a photo in the gym. From left are Samantha Levick, Jessy Harding and Shantyl Wichman.

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Photo courtesy of Winifred Sophomore Class

By Fiona Rice

Special to the News-Argus


The basketball girls and boys of Winifred High School haven’t had cheerleaders to cheer them on since 2002. Our new cheerleaders are Jessy Harding, Samantha Levick, Shantyl Wichman (seventh and eighth-graders). Their coach is Sally Fordyce.

The cheerleaders went to all the tournaments this year, including state. Keyara Bahnmiller said that she enjoyed having cheerleaders.

Samantha DeMars liked the fact that they were junior high students, involving the younger students in school activities.

All of the current cheerleaders intend to participate again next year. The cheerleaders do about 28 cheers; their set includes a mix of crowd cheers, floor cheers, cheerleader cheers and a half-time performance.

They enjoyed going to tournaments. Shantyl especially liked doing the dance at state basketball. Jessy’s favorite cheerleading activity is doing crowd cheers. It’s fun for the players and the crowd to again have cheerleaders rousing their enthusiasm.



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