Winnett News


• Nov. 2

Delli reported on the roundabout that is supposed to be built at the Grass Range junction. There is a petition circulating to ask them to not put in that roundabout. Gary also talked with Dan Bartell in the state Legislature. He said to continue to petition against the roundabout and make sure to get all the documents to Helena. The DMV needs to be “reined in,” as they made decisions and no matter what comes out of their public meetings, they will do what they want anyway.

Brendon won the 50/50 for $7.

Joan reported on Nancy. She is having heart trouble, as well as problems with her back and the cancer.

Mary reported on Blanche. She is still at her daughter’s home in Billings. She will probably move back to the assisted care home in Roundup, but most likely will not be able to return to Winnett.

After chores and dishes were done, cards were played. See you next week.


• Nov. 9

Welcome to our vets and guests. Thank you to all our vets for all your service to our beautiful country. Vets we want to make mention of that were here today are Delli Finkbeiner, Bob Flansburg, Jerry Fortner, Chuck Allen, Hugh Brindley, Rob, Jack Barsisch, Ralph Corbett, JJ Delaney and Bill Cassell. Gunda mentioned that Hugh is the last WWII vet still living here in Winnett. Gary and Linda led everyone in singing, “You’re a Grand Old Flag,” and “God Bless America.”

Our guest speaker was Jim Moore who spoke on “take pride in America.” Gary, acting as M.C., talked about the present generations who fail to salute the flag. They have no respect for the flag and what it stands for. Gary also talked about the Grass Range roundabout.

Donna L. reported on the coat collection for RSVP. Any used coats you have that are still in good condition, bring to Donna. She will get them to the RSVP office in Roundup and they are given to those who do not have any winter coats.

It was mentioned that Jack Hanson and Lynn Kelly both passed away this year. We send our sympathy to the families of both these families.


• Nov. 16

The Honor Society kids from Winnett High School were here today to enjoy socializing with our senior citizens before the meal.

Thank you to Flatwillow Homemakers who made our table favors. Linda gave a report on Blanche. She is now at Sunflower Gardens, 1021 3rd St. E., Roundup, MT 59072.

Guests today were Geri DeLeo and Florence Wacker from Roundup. Also, Kardy Eickhoff and Joel Odermann from the Winnett Fire Department were here to talk about smoke alarms. For anyone who is interested, they will come to your home and check your smoke alarms. If a new one is needed, they will provide you with one and put it in. Smoke alarms should be checked every 10 years.

The cookies and bananas used in the cookie salad were donated by the fire department. Cassie told a joke. The 50/50 for $9 was won by Florence.

Dellie reported on Mitzi Davis, and on Jack and Shirley Hughes. Geri DeLeo talked about scams and information that pertains to seniors. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask her after the meeting and she will help in any way she can.


• Nov. 30

The birthday celebrated for November was Patti’s.

Delli won the 50/50 for $7.50. Patti announced that the new senior papers are here. Be sure and take one.

Area II HRDC has personal care assistants for anyone needing help. It was mentioned that Bob Fabian died, and also Marion Fromboise died. Our sympathy goes to those families.


What advice would you give to a high school graduate?