Winnett School hosts MCTM regional math contest

The Winnett School hosted the annual Mid-State Regional Math Contest sponsored by the Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Students in grades 7-12 from seven Central Montana schools competed in this year’s event, which was held on Tuesday, March 14. 

Students are required to take three individual event tests, which are scored. Tests are different for each grade level. For example, seventh graders take tests on foundation, number concepts and potluck. Students who score in the top 15 percent for their grade level on a test are given a superior rating, while those falling into the top 16-35 percent category earn honorable mention. 

Cy Nunn of Winnett and Carson Stevenson of Hobson each earned three superiors in their three individual tests. 

A team competition was also held for three different grade divisions (7-8, 9-10, 11-12). The team champions for grades 7 and 8 were Nunn, Regan Skinner, Tia Stahl and Mathew Weller of Winnett. Winnett’s Bryn Jolma, Molly Nunn and Zane Stahl took top honors in the grade 9-10 division. 

There was a three-way tie for grades 11-12 between Moore, Denton and Winnett. Moore won the tie-breaker and keeps the trophy for this year.  Members of the Moore team were Elijah Kleinsasser, Hayden Patnode and Cody Tyler. Halen Peterson, Sean Bronec, Jaeger Schafer and Skyler Miller were on the Denton team, while Winnett was represented by Colby Atchinson, Justin Murnion, Conner Shaw and Taylor Stahl.

Following are the individuals from each school who scored superiors and honorable mentions on the individual tests (S = superior, HM = honorable mention).

Denton: Jaeger Schafer (2 S, 1 HM), Jessica Ayers (1 S, 2 HM), Noah Squires (1 S, 2 HM), Sean Bronec (1 S, 1 HM), Halen Peterson (1 S, 1 HM), Keonna Cunningham (2 HM), Skyler Miller (1 HM).

Grass Range: Layton Tucek (2 S), Mattea Tucek (1 S, 1 HM), Cody Williams (1 S, 1 HM), Colleeen Armstrong (1 S), Nola Goss (1 S), Morgan Corean (3 HM), Caden Seaholm (2 HM), Jacob Jessen (1 HM), D’Wayne Mord (1 HM), Logan Williams (1 HM), Aim Khakaew (1 HM), Hailey Matovich (1 HM).

Hobson: Carson Stevenson (3 S), Mathew Eike (2 S), Rachael Stevenson (2 S), Elizabeth Hickey (2 S), Reed Hammontree (1 S), Colt Popisil (1 S), Abby Stevenson (3 HM), Connor Loose (2 HM), Allison Wertheimer (2 HM), Jaci Wichman (1 HM), Jack Hickey (1 HM), Garrett Haynie (1 HM).

Moore: Rowdy Smith (2 S, 1 HM), Jace Peters (1 S, 2 HM), Tucker Walter (1 S, 1 HM), Elijah Kleinsasser (1S), Hayden Patnode (1 S), Austin Grove (1 S), Kody Tyler (1 S), Lucas O’Halloran (2 HM).

Roy: Berkley Stroh (1 S).

Winnett: Cy Nunn (3 S), Molly Nunn (2S, 1 HM), Connor Shaw (2S, 1 HM), Brynn Jolma (2 S, 1 HM), Mercedes Skinner (2 S, 1 HM), Justin Murnion (2S, 1 HM), Charlie Keith (1 S, 1 HM), Trista Fortner (1 S, 1 HM), Chris Maetche (1 S, 1 HM), Kita Weingart (1 S, 1 HM), Colby Atchinson (1 S, 1 HM), Regan Skinner (1 S), Anna Keith (1 S), Cameron Wollman (1 S), Mathew Weller (2 HM), Sydney Browning (2 HM), Caleb Hess (2 HM), Piper Johnson (2 HM), Tia Stahl (1 HM), Kambri Sandman (1 HM), Braden Jolma (1 HM), Lilith Kilmer (1 HM), Kody Lund (1 HM), Darylee Berg (1 HM), Tawny Browning (1 HM), Ty Ybarra (1 HM), Brandon Folda (1 HM), Taylor Stahl (1 HM). 



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