Winnett Senior NEWS

Feb. 2

Twenty-two seniors enjoyed the meal, and there was one take-out order.

The 50/50 for $6 was won by Dellie. Cassie won the senior of the month -- not sure how to put that, since she is nowhere close to being a senior, but she sat at the lucky spot to win that recognition.

Joan Murphy reported on Mert Knutson who had her knee replaced. Gary reported on Fergus Electric’s meeting about solar power.

Gunda Lewis let everyone know Tiny Brindley broke her leg about six months ago. She is finally on the mend, and wants to come in and visit the group in early May. Joan read a story and also let everyone know Brendon had received a t-shirt from one of their grandsons that said, “I love my cows and maybe three other people.” Everyone got a good laugh at that, and some thought it could be true for a lot of them. Donna S. told some stories and jokes.

After dishes were done and cleanup finished, an afternoon of cards was enjoyed.


Feb. 9

Twenty-four seniors enjoyed our lunch, and four take-out meals were prepared. Patti was gone, so Raye Anne was the assistant to Cassie. Emily was the guest, and we were so glad to have her.

The Honor Society kids were here. They all seemed to enjoy visiting with our “old” seniors and the older members of our community enjoyed getting to know the kids. It is a wonderful program that works for both the school and the senior citizens.

Geri DeLeo and Florence Wacker from Roundup were here. Geri had news beneficial for the seniors. She always has good information about Medicare, scams that target seniors and is so informative and helpful with any questions.

 Gary reported his sister Mitzi had a new heart valve put in. She lives in Washington. Dave Lewis is in the hospital in Lewistown. Edna Kastner was in the hospital, but is out now. Donna L. won the 50/50 for $8.

Linda brought M and Ms in cups for the seniors, and Diane told a story about cardinals. It is always a fun group that gets together every week.

Dishes and chores were finished and cards were played.


Feb. 16

Twenty-two seniors enjoyed the meal with Valentine treats made by the 4-H Club.

Mert is home now and doing her exercises to continue to strengthen her knee and leg. Todd Woods will be coming to the seniors on March 16. Bill Cassell reported on the sewer work being done to try and fix, once and for all, the sewer problems that keep recurring at the courthouse.

The senior newspapers arrived. 

Gary and Linda sang a song in tribute to Valentine’s Day called “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You.”

Patti told about her trip to Texas, the Grand Canyon, Four Corners, Utah and Colorado.

Dave Lewis passed away. Our sympathy goes out to Gunda and the rest of his family and friends. There will be a memorial for him this summer.

Cards were played after dishes were done and cleanup was finished.


Feb. 23

Five take-out orders were prepared, and 19 seniors had lunch. This was our birthday celebration day. so our meal included birthday cake and ice cream. Gunda’s grandson, Miles Brindley, was a guest today.

Cameron Dill had a birthday in February so we celebrated his birthday. Dellie made the birthday cakes. Hugh Brindley won the 50/50 for $6. Donna S. told some stories. There was also some discussion on the decision by the Montana Department of Transportation to not put in a round-about at the Grass Range junction. Everyone was highly in favor of no round-about, so were very relieved at this decision. After the cleanup and dishes were finished, there were two tables of card players to enjoy the afternoon.

Warmer weather and spring is coming. Everyone is ready for winter to be gone. See you next month.



When do you think the snow will finally be melted in Lewistown?