Winnett Senior News

Raye Anne Lund

May 4 - Twenty-five seniors enjoyed the meal. Bill Menenger won the 50/50 for $6. Bert won Senior of the Month. Congratulations to both. A reminder that the bone density exam is free – but if you want to be tested for cholesterol and diabetes, each exam will cost $15. More information will be coming out later. Joan told some stories, Linda told a story about her great-grandson, and Donna S. told a few jokes and stories. After clean-up was finished, everyone enjoyed an afternoon of cards.


May 11 - Geri DeLeo and Florence Wacker of Area II in Roundup were here. Linda won the 50/50 for $6. Geri had a pamphlet she handed out. Seniors have six new dishtowels. It was reported that Bill Poulon died. He was living in Idaho. The growth policy for Petroleum County is finished. Tom Iverson gave a few details on it. A question the Petroleum County Endowment has on one of their scholarship applications is, “What should we do to make the community grow.”  The growth policy tries to address some of these ideas. Stories and jokes were told, dishes and clean up were done and cards were enjoyed.


May 17 - Honor Society kids were here. This is their last visit before the school year ends. Patty and Cassie and the seniors made up a nice little “goody bag” for each member. The kids really enjoyed getting to interact with the seniors and the seniors had a good time playing games with the kids.  It is a good program and they plan to do it again next year.

May 25 – It was the fourth Thursday, so we celebrated birthdays for this month, including birthday cake and ice cream -- thank you to Lillian for the birthday cake. There were 29 seniors and two take-out meals today.  Birthdays celebrated this month were Gunda Lewis, Donna Sandman, and Donna Rowton. Barb Solf and Megan Flint came and talked about the swimming pool and some of the improvements they are making. They thanked the seniors for their very nice donation to the pool. Welcome back to Gunda Lewis, Jack and Shirley Hughes, and Lillian -- they have all been gone for a while, and it was good to have them back. Steve and Ginger were also here and we were glad to have them. Linda read an article on “preparing for death” which contained very interesting information on what you can do to prepare. One of the things mentioned is to consider what you would like on your headstone. Linda put posters up around town for the bone density screening. Lillian won the 50/50 for $8. Donna S. gave a reading about Memorial Day. Cards were enjoyed after chores were finished.


June 1 - There were 27 seniors and three take-out meals. Gary brought rhubarb for anyone who would like some.  Carol agreed to bake the birthday cakes for June, Joan will take July, and Shirley will bake cakes in August. Thank you, ladies, for volunteering to do this for us. Donna L. mentioned the RSVP appreciation dinner coming up. Phyllis Arthur won the 50/50 for $8. Dellie told about a survey about the roundabout idea and where would be a good place for it. Lillian reported on Joe Whisonant. He was incoherent and having problems, so they took him back to the hospital.  He was bleeding on the brain. Not enough people signed up for the health clinic for the bone density screening, so it was canceled.  Gary G. asked seniors to speak on “What Memorial Day Means to You.” One person said it was the war memorials in Washington, D.C.  Ralph said young people think it means decorating graves. It means different things in today’s society than it did 50 years ago. Linda reported the play at Ft. Peck Theater was “Arsenic and Old Lace.” Everyone enjoyed their meal and visiting, than did chores. Afterwards, cards were played.


June 8 -Twenty seniors had lunch. The Area II meeting will be on June 16 in Laurel. It was reported that Dorothy Zeismer passed away. Donna L. reported on the RSVP appreciation dinner.  Joe W. is in Roundup at the hospital. The 50/50 was won by Donna S. for $5.50. Bill M. donated tomato plants that he had started in his greenhouse. Anyone was welcome to take the plants. After cleanup was finished, cards were played.


June 22 - We celebrated June birthdays. There were 25 seniors who enjoyed the meal. Tom I., Shirley Hughes, and Bert celebrated June birthdays. Donna L. had raffle tickets for a gift basket for RSVP. Dellie won the bingo prize. Joan M. won the 50/50 for $9.50. Gunda, Roy Myers, Geri DeLeo and Florence were guests today. There was to be an anniversary party at Flatwillow Hall that Saturday. Russ and Luann Knuston were celebrating 50 years of marriage; Roy and Janet Myers were celebrating 60 years. The family provided the meal with music and dancing afterwards. Geri gave a talk about fraud and scams. It is all interesting information that is very useful for seniors. Joan mentioned that “when God offers you help, don’t ask why.” Donna S. read a poem entitled “I Remember.”


June 29 - Twenty-eight seniors enjoyed the meal and there was one take-out meal. Pat Hale was a guest today. Jim Johnke announced there was to be a memorial for his brother, Steve, at the Johnke house. Donna L. sold raffle tickets for a gift basket for RSVP. Georgia won the 50/50 for $12. Donna S. told the story of a man on the loose who was wanted for murder with ties to Winnett. Dellie informed everyone of the devastating fire in downtown Grass Range that burned the Old Mercantile store building down. It was being used as a “man camp” for ranch employees. No one was hurt, but it was a total loss. Dellie also told a story about fishing at Hell Creek. After an enjoyable meal and socializing, dishes were done and cards were played.



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