Winnett Senior News

Jan. 4

Happy New Year. Welcome to 2018. Donna L. ran the meeting as Linda was not there. The Honor Society kids will be here to play games and visit with the seniors. The kids and the seniors enjoy this time of socializing and getting to know each other.

Judy Bevis will bake the January birthday cakes. She was also able to be at seniors. Patti gave a report on Jade (Cassie’s son). He is doing very well.

The 50/50 for $6 was won by Donna Lund. Carol won the senior of the month. Congratulations to you both.

Donna also reported on Kody. He is doing well and is hoping to head back to college in a couple of weeks.

The basketball games this week will be in Grass Range against Centerville. If you can make it to support our WGR Rams, they would love to have you there.

Delli reported she had visited with Gunda in Lewistown.

Nancy Freburg has been at Billings Clinic for her broken hip and cancer treatments. Her nurse has been Martha Dembek, a student from Winnett who graduated as an R.N. and is now working in Billings. Dave Dembek (Martha’s dad) had both his knees replaced.

Lillian is still staying with her daughter Linda.

Donna S. gave a reading. After chores were finished, cards were enjoyed.

Jan. 11

Donna L. conducted the meeting as Linda was still gone.

Jade won the 50/50 for $3.50.

The Honor Society students arrived at 11 a.m. and they played cards.

Melody talked about how a few of our sayings came about.

Jim J. gave a report of how much snow and rain we have received. According to his weather station, we have had 1.34 inches of moisture. He measured 9 inches of snow.

Ralph reported he had read we had over 100 percent snow back in the mountains.

Butch gave a report on how Russia has the highest crime rate and they had taken all the guns away from their citizens. So, hang on to your guns.

Pam picked a name from the memorial board. The name she picked was Frantz Learn. There was a discussion of what people remembered about him. He lived in the little house next to Murphy’s. He was a bachelor. In the spring of the year, her folks would move back to the ranch taking the baby with them, but leaving the girls in town to go to school and do chores. Frantz would keep an eye on them. Some of the schoolboys would show up to tease them; Frantz showed up and after that no boys ever came around.

Joan told a story about when she was learning to drive. One day she went to the post office with her dad and he let her drive back to their house. When her folks had gone back to the ranch, she decided to drive to her grandparents’ house a few blocks away. She arrived there and was having a nice visit when her grandfather noticed the car in the driveway. He informed her she was not driving home so she had to walk back to her house, leaving the car.

Ralph mentioned he had read a question on Facebook on if anyone knew how to drive a 4-on-the-floor vehicle; surprising how few people know how to drive a stick shift anymore.

Donna reported Kody is improving every day. Chores were finished, and cards were played.

Jan. 18

Next week will be our birthday luncheon. Linda will take blood pressures for anyone that would like. The 50/50 for $5 was won by Butch’s grandson.

We had to say goodbye to two friends from our community. Blanche Weigum passed away this morning. She grew up in Winnett, moved away, and had moved back to Winnett 15 years ago. She was a library aid and helped with book club. The kids loved her at the school. She will be missed by all of us. We send our sympathy and hugs to her family and friends.

Frank Potterf also passed away. He was Jackie Whisonant’s brother in law. Her sister Joey was married to Frank. We send our sympathy to Joe and Jackie and all their friends and family.

It is good to have Lillian back. She is having back problems. She has a fractured vertebra and a pinched sciatica nerve and can’t get around very well. She was able to come home.

Diane read that seniors do need to get out and about. It is so easy to stay home and not go anywhere, but that is not good. Fresh air, visiting and getting out of the house is a very positive thing.

Donna L. reported that her daughter Terrena has a part time job as a reporter for a Great Falls business.

Gary told about his coffee cup always having a black dot in the bottom. Butch thought we should bring a black marker and put a black dot on all the coffee cups. That way everyone has a black dot on their cup.

There are two roundabouts being discussed. One is at Poplar and one is at the top of Zimmerman Trail in Billings. Several people have contacted Butch about wanting help to get petitions started and signed to defeat the idea.

Dishes were done and cleanup finished, then several tables of cards were played.

Jan. 25

January birthdays celebrated were Florence and Judy. The cakes were baked by Judy, but she wasn’t here today.

Janel from the clerk and recorder’s office introduced Jess Hoge and Gail Doney to everyone. Jess works part time in the clerk and recorder’s office and Gail is here from Lewistown helping them out.

The 50/50 for $8 was won by Phyllis Arthur.

Bill Cassell told about a Special Olympics polar plunge. He was asking for donations for the Special Olympics.

Donna L. told about old used prescription pill disposal. RSVP sent several disposal kits for anyone that would like them. Donna also reported on Judge Bill. He had foot surgery and is continuing to improve.

Patti gave information on Blanche’s funeral. It will be at the Baptist Church in Winnett. There will be a reception afterward at the senior citizen center. Seniors are providing the meat, potluck for salads and dessert. Geri DeLeo from Area II in Roundup was here. She always has useful information to pass along to seniors. Donna S. told a few stories and Linda had a few stories and jokes. After dishes and chores were finished, cards were played.

January has been a very cold month with a lot of snow. Please be careful and bundle up when you go outside.



When do you think the snow will finally be melted in Lewistown?