World-class magician comes to Hobson: See this show, live happily ever after

Vicky McCray

Enjoy the sensational, world-class stage magic of Joey Pipia, featured in “Delusions of Grandeur.” The magician makes his first appearance on the Judith Arts Society stage (aka the Hobson School multipurpose room stage) this Sunday at 4 p.m.

He has performed on TV, radio, at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and on stages across the country.

“Joey Pipia is a pro,” says Kevin Joyce, Director of “Teatro ZinZanni,” (a three-hour whirlwind of entertainment in Seattle) about the magician’s performance on Joyce’s monthly TV variety show, “Big Night Out.”

Pipia added an original twist to Houdini’s classic needle swallowing effect; he used shards of broken glass taken from a bottle Joyce had just smashed.

“He created a huge sensation,” added Joyce.

Expect to be dazzled by this stage show crafted from years of unique experiences.

According to his blog, Pipia became interested in magic because of his father.

“My father came home from work one day, “Pipia said, “and said, ‘I’d like to show you something.’

“He then proceeded to make a penny melt into his arm,” Pipia added. “I was mortified! I cried until he showed what had actually happened.”

When Pipia thinks back on that experience, he sees it as powerful.

“He didn’t say, ‘Hey, look at this trick,’ but instead, ‘I want to show you something.’”

 As a young man Pipia worked as a stock boy at Tannen’s Magic, the world’s largest supply house in New York City. Pipia said the owner, Irv Tannen, asked him if he had any dreams and Pipia said being a student of Tony Slydini was his dream.

“Irv walked to the phone,” Pipia said, “dialed, waited a few seconds, and then I heard him say, ‘Tony, I’ve got a young man here who says his dream is to study with…sure I’ll put him on; and Irv handed me the receiver.”

Italian-born Slydini was a world-renown magician who served as an inspiration to generations of well-known musicians, including David Copperfield. During his lifetime Slydini was inducted into the Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame as a Living Legend.

Pipia is a central performer, writer and producer of the legendary “Stage Left Vaudeville Show” at the Oregon County Fair. His escape from a straightjacket while hanging 80 feet above Water Street in downtown Port Townsend was featured on Seattle NPR’s “KUOW Presents.”

He performs at the international Moisture Festival, the world’s largest comedy/variety festival running for four weeks every spring in Seattle, and tours regularly with The New Old Time Chautauqua, a community of performers, friends and families who see live performance as a way to share laughter, friendship and wonder. He also tours with The Flying Karamazov Brothers, a juggling and comedy troupe the JAS Board has had the pleasure of viewing at a past Montana Performing Arts Consortium.

“Delusions of Grandeur” is a 90-minute one-of-a-kind theatrical event where wonder and the absurd are presented as one. The audience leaves affirmed in the belief that life is profoundly marvelous. “The marvelous” happens the minute Joey Pipia takes the stage and happens whether he’s performing on a cruise ship, in New York City, Las Vegas, San Francisco or New Orleans. See the magic and experience the wonder. You’ll never be the same.

“This man could hide an elephant in his coat.” (NW Magazine)

“Terrific! Quite devious and very entertaining.” (Teller of Penn and Teller)

No fancy boxes, no smoke or mirrors. Instead, it’s just the magic; straight up, fast paced, funny, and amazing.

“See this show, live happily ever after,” says Jake Seniuk, director of The Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, who brought in Pipia’s original magic as the final event of the museum’s series, “The Art of Healing.”

“He’s an imp, a wizard with a sixth sense,” said Seniuk.

As for living happily ever after?

“You’ll just have to see the show,” Seniuk said.

With Joey Pipia the audience gets a laugh-out-loud, wonder-filled experience they will never forget.

“One minute the world is ordinary,” Pipia says, “and the next, wham! Everything has changed. Magic does that to people.

“To describe that moment,” Pipia adds, “I’ve coined the phrase ‘Carpe Deceptum!’ or more loosely in English, ‘Seize the Wonder!’”

Enjoy riotous fun and unparalleled spectacle all rolled into one incredible show. Join the JAS Board in welcoming Joey Pipia to Hobson.

Admission is by season ticket or $10 for adults at the door. Students of all ages are encouraged to attend for free.


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