Writer can’t wait for Nov. 8

Dear Editor,

I am familiar with falling-down drunk – I have seen it up close, having served in the Navy for a number of years. Now we seem to have what I consider to be a falling down liar running for president. First she said she tripped and lost a shoe, then changed it to heat and dehydration, and finally, to pneumonia. This was all in the space of two hours. Bill said it was because she had been “working like a Demon.” That I would agree with, exactly “like a Demon.” He also said she gets dehydrated and falls down regularly. Remember she fell and broke her elbow, then fell and had a concussion and said she couldn’t testify?

Did you see that video on TV of Hillary folding up on the way to the SUV? She absolutely collapsed and had to be shoved into the open van. I don’t believe it is pneumonia, either. You can’t believe a word this woman says. I would sure hate to be married to her. Her husband lies, too, in my opinion, so maybe they make a pair. I say she has been lying about Benghazi, emails, classified documents on personal servers, Whitewater, turning over government records, etc., for years and years. I don’t think she knows how to tell the truth. “Liar, liar, pantsuit on fire” sure fits Hillary. I wouldn’t believe that woman if she told me tomorrow is Sunday if it were the middle of Saturday afternoon. Just can’t believe her.

How would you like to be in the service in a dangerous post, and have Hillary tell you she has your back? Oh yeah. We already saw how that worked out for Ambassador Stevens and the brave men of Benghazi.

I guess I must be in that “Basket of Deplorables” she called us Americans, because I am sure as heck voting for Mr. Trump rather than the despicable, untruthful Hillary. Can’t wait for Nov. 8.

Norman Coleman





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