Writer disputes access issues

Dear Editor
Let’s get some facts straight: the Bullock campaign has been false on the issue of access on the Gianfortes’ land.
First off the FWP marked several access points in the Gallatin Valley, wrong. When landowners, people I personally know, contacted the offices of FWP, they were either told to not worry about it or it’s not a problem.
So if the FWP wants to use your private driveway as an entrance for the public that’s ok, right? Wrong. It was a mistake by the FWP, not the Gianfortes (our government at work). In other words, the Gianfortes have a number of accesses on their property on the east Gallatin and at no time has anyone been denied access. I’ve read that the issue in question was that of misfiled paperwork by the FWP (Fish, Wildlife and Parks) on an easement. FWP corrected their mistake and all was good. Again, at no time was anyone denied access on Gianforte’s property.
Now let’s discuss Governor Bullock’s and FWP’s proposal to maybe cut funding to several Tier 4 state parks, such as Ackley Lake and Hell Creek, and others. State records show over 32,000 people used Ackley in 2015. With a budget of around $10,000 that’s a cost of under 30 cents per visit.
I don’t know about you, but when I have gone to Ackley or friends have gone to the lake, we didn’t sign in, so the number of people using the lake could be off by quite a few, and the government can’t find the money to fund it. I thought it was public access -- am I wrong?
Now the state plane the Governor uses costs the taxpayers almost $350,000 a year, I’ve read. They found the funds for that, and I understand for the Governor to take a date (not his wife or family) to the Paul McCartney concert in Missoula. That’s not right.
If this administration gets its way, cuts to State Parks could affect over 200,000 visitations to Montanan’s parks. Now that’s access denied.
Vote Greg Gianforte for governor to protect Montanans’ access.
Jeannie Rickert



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