Writer offers Trump winning strategy

Dear Editor,
Mr. Trump could easily win the debates and presidency, ending government corruption, by using props in each of the debates. In the first debate, Mr. Trump could take out a golden hammer and set it on the podium so everyone could see it and think about it. When the time is right, Mr. Trump could say, “Hillary, I want to give you this ‘Golden Hammer Award,’ as a reminder to the American people that you destroyed your cell phones and e-mails that were under subpoena by the Congress of the United States. That is illegal, deserving prison time.”
Later in this debate, he could use a one-line zinger - “Hillary, you want to be in the White House. No, you should be in the jail house.”
In the second debate, Trump could give Hillary a “Blanket Award” which is pink trimmed in gold. Trump could say, “Hillary, it is pink because you and this government stink with corruption. You need this blanket award to remind the American people how the liberal media, honest Democrats, and even the FBI covered up your deception, even hiding evidence to keep you out of jail. Shame on them. Shame on them.”
Later on in this debate, Trump could say, “I’m looking forward to our first female president, but Hillary, you are not it. America will do a lot better.”
Trump could also give Hillary a golden “Pinocchio Nose” award.
In one of the debates, Trump could say, “Our military has a saying – No Man Left Behind. Well, you as Secretary of State left Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans behind in Benghazi and you want to be Commander in Chief? You’ve got to be kidding.”
Here is the only TV ad Trump needs to run. First, a picture of George Washington; second, a picture of Abraham Lincoln; third, a picture of Ronald Reagan and finally a picture of Hillary Clinton with a Pinocchio nose. Trump himself can speak, saying “America, I hope and pray you get the point.”
Rev. Maynard A. Mahlen (retired)



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