Before you vote, please consider this

Dear Editor,

Like everyone else who owns a TV, I’ve endured ads by candidates Quist and Gianforte. Do they both believe Montana voters only care about “Montana values?” I suppose walking around livestock is good training for what you’re bound to step in, in the halls of Congress.

An email from Montana Senator Jon Tester cited it’s spring and this “man of the land” is coming back to the folks to get the crop in. Imagine the horror the Senate manicurist will experience when challenged with getting the gumbo dirt from under Jon’s fingernails and rubbing lotion into his callused and cracked hands.

What does the voter get when they vote for Montana values?

 Well, with Tester and former Democratic Senator Max Baucus, we got Obamacare: A 2,000-plus page health care law they both exempted themselves from. Baucus was an “author” of the bill he admitted he didn’t read. The law is a total failure, with deductibles so high the “poor” have insurance but can’t afford healthcare.

Baucus was rewarded a life of luxury as ambassador to China; far enough away to avoid the displeasure of the voters he sacrificed for the Democratic Party.

Tester showed his “values” by sitting on his hands while his party destroyed the coal industry; voted to block confirmation of second amendment gun rights supporter Gorsuch for the Supreme court; refuses to help fix health care; refuses to vote to confirm cabinet nominees; in short he does everything his Democrat Masters order him to do. His “values” are to represent the Democratic party, not the people of Montana.

Before you vote please consider something more than where the candidate was born and how poor or rich they are. We need a representative who will represent Montana and not a party. Democrats seem to believe a rich person shouldn’t be in office because they can’t identify with the common man. I guess they prefer their candidates to be poor when elected and get rich while in office.

Gianforte wasn’t born rich and didn’t get that way in public office. He used his brain to get where he is, and a brain is something useful in public office.

Rob Quist must be the Democrats’ attempt to insult the intelligence of Montana voters. That is the only explanation for running a candidate whose only qualification seems to be a cowboy hat, Winchester rifle, guitar and an inability to control his finances.

Gary Fitzpatrick




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