Youngest students at Roy are ready for Thanksgiving

News-Argus Staff

Looking forward to Thanksgiving, students in Mrs. Webster’s classes are (back row, from left): first grade students Cooper Gervais, Wyatt Schneider, Colt Mosby, (front row, from left) kindergarten students Chase Rindal, Cassidy Schneider and Taylor Kalina.

Photo courtesy of Ann Bergum





Sometimes the youngest students give the best insight for a situation. If you are in a quandry over your Thanksgiving meal, you may get some ideas from the kindergarten and first grade students in Mrs. Webster’s class. Three of the students are in kindergarten, three  are in first grade at Roy. 


Question 1: How big does your turkey need to be to feed your family?

Cooper: 12 pounds

Wyatt: 3 pounds

Cassidy: 8 pounds

Colt: 4 pounds

Chase: 7 pounds (his favorite)

Taylor: 3 pounds


Question 2: How do you cook a turkey?

Cooper: Spread it with rub and smoke for 12 hours.

Wyatt: Cook for 1 hour

Cassidy: Cook in oven for 18 hours.

Colt: Put it in the oven for 19 hours.

Chase: no answer

Taylor: 3 minutes

Question 3: What food goes well with turkey?

Cooper: Stuffing

Wyatt: Pie

Cassidy: Corn

Colt: Carrots

Chase: Mashed potatoes

Taylor: Pineapple


Question 4: What will you do after your Thanksgiving meal?

Cooper: Talk with your family

Wyatt: Go to bed

Cassidy: Play

Colt: Do dishes

Chase: Play with Bumpa

Taylor: Lay down


How much time do you spend using a computer or smart phone during a typical day?